Dr Mahitha Bhandari

  • MBBS.


Dr Mahitha Bhandari is a dedicated and caring General Practitioner.  Prior to arriving in Horsham, Dr Bhandari has been caring for her Patients in Mt Gambier, where she worked in surgical, medical and paediatric wards. She has also worked in hospitals in Walsall and Swansea in the UK, and in India, where she specialised in eye treatment, Acute medicine, Gastroenterology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics. She, and her husband now wish to live and work in the Wimmera.  They have two young sons who attend school in Horsham.  They are seeking the best lifestyle for their family, so have long-term plans to remain in Horsham.

Dr Bhandari completed her MBBS degrees in 2006, and she is currently studying to gain the FRACGP qualification.  Dr Bhandari has a passion for, and long experience in, Family Medicine, Women’s Health and Paediatrics.  She also has good experience in acute and chronic disease management.

Dr Bhandari is consulting at Lister House Clinic five days per week, and looks forward to meeting and caring for new Patients.