Can’t get “through” on the phone lines- alternative ways you can contact us

We know its frustrating when you can’t get through. If your call says ‘call failed’- this means ‘engaged’. Yes we are busy. We have staff always answering the phones- we are sorry you have to wait!

BUT we really want to help. Here are some other ways to contact us…..

  1. BOOK ONLINE- at HOTDOC.COM.AU this is a secure and safe booking system. You can see ALL available appointments and change them whenever it suits you. If you don’t think you can do this- a younger family member ANYWHERE in the world can book it for you and tell you when it has been made for. NO MORE WAITING ON HOLD

2.EMAIL- this is for NON emergencies OR NON Bookings (book online at HOTDOC.COM.AU) you may wait a few days to hear back so           only email what can wait. Email on

3. COME on in – NO SYMPTOMS though please – if you have symptoms- pop next door to our HORSHAM RESPIRATORY CLINIC