Pre-employment & other medicals in Horsham

The skilled GPs who contract to Lister House- are available for a wide variety of medicals in Horsham. Whether you need to undergo a pre-employment medical or require specialist testing, Lister House Medical Clinic offers a range of onsite medicals.

Common medicals with the GP includes:

  • medicals for insurance and driving
  • pre-employment medicals, including instant onsite drug screening
  • ECG or electrocardiogram tests to measure electrical activity in the heart and determine arrhythmia and heart disease
  • audiometry testing to assess hearing at different tones and intensity
  • spirometry testing to measure lung function, often required to diagnose asthma and other respiratory conditions.


Medicals often require longer appointments to allow for additional testing and completion of paperwork. Please inform our receptionist if you require a medical so we can ensure sufficient time to complete your assessment. You will usually be seen by a nurse first.

Please contact Lister House Medical Clinic to find out more about the full range of GP services in Horsham.

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If you require a medical or check-up let the experienced team help. The team of local doctors can arrange health assessments, annual checkups and a variety of other recommended health check-ups.

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