In addition to access to the largest number of doctors, GPs and other medical practitioners in Horsham, Lister House Medical Clinic is dedicated to excellent and open lines of communication with our patients.

We aim to make it as easy as possible to book appointments with our doctors, easily obtain repeat prescriptions and receive your test results in a timely manner. Lister House Medical Clinic also offers a doctors on call service for urgent after-hours medical problems.

In some cases, where long-standing patients are unable to leave their homes, we provide doctor house visits across Horsham. With 10 full-time doctors and two GPs, our experience extends to a wide variety of medical services.

After-Hours Service

When Lister House Medical Clinic is closed, ring the clinic phone number to be put through to an after-hours on-call triage service. A clinic doctor is also available for problems that need urgent medical attention after-hours. After-hours fees might apply. If you think your situation is an emergency or are experiencing chest pain, you should always...

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Lister House Medical Clinic is Horsham’s largest GP clinic, with our doctors offering a wide range of medical services. Appointments are normally made at 10-minute intervals to allow adequate time for the visit. This time may be longer if your problem is more complex and needs to be dealt with immediately, otherwise your doctor may...

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All private billings are payable on the day of consultation, including gap payments. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Medicare rebates can be claimed immediately by MA online or from any Medicare branch following payment at the clinic. Lister House Medical Clinic is pleased to offer Medicare Easyclaim, where the Medicare rebate is...

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Home & Hospital Visits

As part of our commitment to comprehensive medical services in Horsham, the Lister House Medical Clinic doctors visit Wimmera Base Hospital and local nursing homes and retirement villages on a regular basis. Our medical centre is home to the largest cohort of doctors and GPs in Horsham, including chronic disease management and geriatric care specialists. Our Horsham doctors are...

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Patient Privacy & Feedback

As Horsham’s leading medical centre, we take patient privacy very seriously. Our practices comply with Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) standards and we welcome patient feedback. Your medical record is a confidential document. Lister House Medical Clinic is committed to providing quality medical services and allied health care in Horsham. As part of this, we...

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Repeat Prescriptions

Most prescriptions for medications taken regularly can be obtained without seeing the doctor if he or she has agreed to this scenario. Requests may be made by telephone or in person at Lister House Medical Clinic. At least 24 – 48 hours’ notice is required and a fee of $20.00 (including GST) is payable for...

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Due to current Privacy Laws and to ensure that you obtain the correct advice in relation to your test results, our Horsham doctors and GPs do not give results out to patients over the telephone. It is advised that for all results you make an appointment at least seven days after your tests were taken. Please...

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Telephone Messages

Lister House Medical Clinic doctors will take calls relating to you and your family’s health. Although most problems are best dealt with in consultation, you may wish to leave your number and the doctor will phone you later that day if time permits. It is extremely disconcerting for patients having a consultation to have phone calls...

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