Other medical services available from Lister House Medical Clinic


As the largest medical centre in Horsham, Lister House Medical Clinic offers a wide variety of specialist medical services, including sports doctors and emergency doctors.

Sports medicine

Lister House Medical Clinic specialises in sports medicine in Horsham, offering diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries, as well as preventative care and injury management.

Emergency doctors

The triage room service is a new service offered by our medical centre, providing a room where triage patients can be attended to quickly. Types of triage services offered include:

  • sutures and other treatments for cuts and bites
  • removing plaster casts from legs and arms
  • assessing and managing acute patients and stabilising prior to ambulance transfers
  • ECGs
  • immunisations.
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If you require a medical or check-up let the experienced team help. The team of local doctors can arrange health assessments, annual checkups and a variety of other recommended health check-ups.

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