Telephone consultations with our Horsham doctors

Lister House Medical Clinic doctors will take calls relating to you and your family’s health. Although most problems are best dealt with in consultation, you may wish to leave your number and the doctor will phone you later that day if time permits.

It is extremely disconcerting for patients having a consultation to have phone calls put through to the room, and wherever possible, consultations are not interrupted. If the matter is urgent, either your doctor or another of our Horsham doctors will be able to take your call immediately.

A practice nurse is also available to provide medical advice in person or over the phone and can contact your doctor if needed.

While Lister House Medical Clinic does not offer patient test results over the phone, regular patients can call us to request repeat prescriptions.

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If you require a medical or check-up let our experienced team help. Our team of local doctors can arrange health assessments, annual checkups and a variety of other recommended health check-ups.

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