Medical placements in Horsham

Lister House Medical Clinic is committed to fostering the development of future doctors by offering learning positions at our Horsham medical centre.

Our Horsham doctors are accredited with a number of learning institutions, including an affiliation and regular registrar intake with Murray City Country Coast GP Training. Many of these registrars remain at Lister House Medical Clinic as Horsham GPs, enjoying the diversity our clinic offers and the lifestyle of the region.

We host students from several universities throughout the country, including 12-month placements of Deakin University Medical Students. The Deakin students experience the entire range of activities at Lister House Medical Clinic, including dermatology, general men’s and women’s health, vaccinations and diabetes education. Students also venture into other areas of medical care in the community. They regularly visit the hospital and other healthcare establishments, observing and participating in the healthcare they offer.

Other students spend from two to six weeks observing and learning from our medical practitioners at the clinic.