Men’s and women's health checks and assessments

Have you had a health check recently? If the answer is no, Lister House Medical Clinic Horsham provides men’s and women’s health checks for your peace of mind.

Your health is the most important think- you can keep in the best possible health by having regular check ups with a doctor.

The doctors and GPs specialise in a range of health assessments, designed to identify existing or potential health concerns. Equipped with your health assessment, your doctor can devise a prevention or treatment and management plan.

Lister House Medical Clinic offers the following health assessments in Horsham:

  • women’s health checks
  • men’s health checks
  • a heart check up 40-49 year old
  • pap smears
  • family planning
  • Full Skin Checks
  • health assessments and care plans.
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If you require a medical or check-up let the experienced team help. The team of local doctors can arrange health assessments, annual checkups and a variety of other recommended health check-ups.

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