Horsham counselling services

Lister House Medical Clinic is pleased to offer a psychiatrist for patients requiring counselling in Horsham. We can also advise of telehealth consulting – some with costs involved.

The Clinic also has an in-house Mental Health Clinician, consulting  three to five days per week.

As part of our allied health offering, Doctors are providing caring and professional psychiatric counselling. With many years’ experience extending across rural Victoria, Drs Kalra and Chandra specialise in all areas of general psychiatry.

Lara is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and Mental Health Clinician, with qualifications in Mental Health services, counselling and social work, is available for consultations. Lara consults all weekdays, and provides a Medicare rebatable service to Patients across the Wimmera. She is a caring and understanding Mental Health Clinician, and is popular amongst her clients.  Referrals to her can be arranged through all of the Doctors at Lister House Clinic.

Many of our Horsham GPs are also available for mental health consultations.

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If you require a medical or check-up let the experienced team help. The team of local doctors can arrange health assessments, annual checkups and a variety of other recommended health check-ups.

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