About Lister House Medical Clinic in Horsham

Dr Roy Felstead founded Horsham’s Lister House Medical Clinic as a Group Practice in 1936. The Doctor’s Partnership was the second Group Practice formed in Victoria. The medical clinic had consulting rooms, a theatre, x-ray equipment and accommodation for two receptions.

The clinic doubled and re-doubled its staff, and in 1982 had 12 full-time doctors, including one GP trainee, four part-time doctors, 14 office and support staff, one casual and 15 part-time employees.

Today, Lister House Medical Clinic has 10 full-time doctors, two GP registrars, two medical students, an in-house surgeon, as well as visiting cardiologists, paediatricians and a psychiatrist. The Clinic also has 12 nurses specialising in diabetes education, midwifery, pap smears, theatre, Sleepwise, care plans and health assessments, as well as 15 support staff.

Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide the highest-quality care and service to ensure our patients’ health.

Practice Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our patients with the best possible treatment using the most up-to-date and proven methods, materials and equipment, emphasising prevention of disease as a higher ideal than the actual treatment of it.

This philosophy will best be achieved in a working environment where we recognise the patient as being the most important person in the Practice, and where we work in an ethical and responsible manner, in an environment of teamwork, with mutual respect for each other’s abilities and functions.

AGPAL Accredited Medical Practice

Accreditation is a voluntary process that ensures that a practice has met standards of safety and quality. The standards are set by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and practices are assessed against these standards by an independent, not-for-profit organisation.

Meeting these standards means our Horsham doctors, GPs and clinic staff:

  • respect your rights and needs
  • offer a safe place for your care
  • are committed to improving your health
  • use safe sterile equipment
  • are committed to ongoing education and training.

Lister House Medical Clinic is proud to have met these standards and continues to develop the next generation of Horsham GPs and doctors through our strong medical placements program.