Lister House recently went through a survey of our patients to focus on how we can improve as a business. It was nice to remember that people, in general, really do appreciate all we try to do, and the challenges we all face with reductions in rural health services, particularly post pandemic.

Our survey showed we are doing very well in 3 areas-

  1. respect we show to patient
  2. warmth of greetings
  3. explanations – both front desk and in with the clinician

THANKS TO OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM– it can be a very hard job and we LOVE our staff and appreciate all they do!

It also showed 3 areas that were highlighted that we can improve upon

  1. making an appointment
  2. seeing doctor of choice
  3.  accessing a home visit

What I find interesting is that our customer service to majority of people, polls well. We try had to help as much as we can, with often limited availability.

The other noted point is that the 3 main areas of concerns raises other questions. Is this that people cant get an appointment, with the doctor they most want to see? Is this because we dont have the ability to give out more appointments. We cant give what we don’t have. While we understand most people want to see a doctor of their choosing, as soon as possible, in our rural area- this is not possible, unfortunately. We are short doctors everywhere in the Wimmera- the ratio of a doctor to per patient ratio is usually 1 doctor to 800-1000 patients at the most. In the Wimmera that ratio is one doctor to 7,000 patients.

See the problem?

We have addressed the phone issue- to make an appointment- by the following

  1. more staff
  2. a dedicated email address to assist- ( non emergency)
  3. a phone to ring for vaccine information- 0458 969 778
  4. HOTDOC- these are our appointments- we dont have magic appointments!
  5. Horsham respiratory clinic- a GP in the morning and afternoon DAILY to see those who are ill and in need! (next door to Lister House)

So while it may be frustrating that the phones say- call failed- this means engaged- and YES it means we are busy and you are the 7th in the queue…… BUT we will try to help

COME IN AND SAY WELL DONE TO OUR TEAM- the last few years has been very taxing on us all- please take a moment to make our day- not ruin it

We will keep on listening to your feedback and try to help- when it is constructive and informative- and we appreciate you all!