Dr Kannan Ramanathan is a highly experienced Doctor, having worked in a number of Hospitals at various places in the world.  Dr Ramanthan is a GP Registrar, bringing his vast experience to Lister House.  He gained his MBBS qualification in 1991, and added an MBA qualification from Newcastle University in 2006.  So he has Medical and Business training.  Dr Ramanathan was the senior Registrar in Emergency Medicine at Monash Health; he has held a similar position, and a number of others at Launceston General Hospital. He spent time as the Senior Medical Officer, Trauma and Emergency at the University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur from 1996 to 2004. He has also held the position of Assistant Surgeon, Dept of Health and Welfare in India. And he has worked at the Singapore General Hospital as a Clinical Associate, Accident and Emergency.

Dr Ramanathan is a popular, friendly and caring Doctor, and can be consulted at Lister House Clinic, Monday to Friday.